Quranan Academy

About Quranan Academy

Quranan Academy is An Arab-Egyptian Academy for teaching the Holy Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies to non-Arabic speakers and with male and female teachers graduates of great universities such as Al-Azhar University that aims to make Islam our path in this life and strive to instill Islamic values and model prophet Mohamed and one of the Online Islamic sites for those who want to learn about Islam and the Holy Quran online by way of distance. We have developed an extensive curriculum for learning Holy Quran and basic Islamic knowledge. Our distance courses utilize online learning tools and combine both ancient and modern methods of teaching. Our teachers are very dedicated to serving their duties. Quranan Academy keeps on arranging different training programs/refresher courses for the tutors to keep them updated according to the need of time and to maintain the quality. Quranan Academy has professional teachers our expert tutors have extensive education and are very nice teachers. We welcome all students interested in learning to read Holy Quran. We are Registered in Egypt.


AlHamdulillah, my son Abdullah has memorized the entire Qur’an at the hands of Shaikh Karam Farrag, who is very expert in Teaching the Qur’an, Very Great experience in teaching The tajweed Rules so I advice anyone who wants to do hifz Quran online, join Quranan Academy
Om Abdullah
Parnet of A Student