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Hifz Quran Online Course – virtues and benefits

The virtues and benefits of Hifz Quran are what make the Muslim to rush to this good and participate in it, so that he may be one of the people of Hafiz Quran who are Allah’s people and his own.

Hifz Quran online

in Quranan Academy, many students learned from different countries such as America, Britain, India, Pakistan and other countries, and some of them have finished the entire Quran and become a Hafiz Quran, because the Quranan Academy adopts a scientific approach to memorizing the Quran so that the student knows about the time for memorizing each part.

The virtues and benefits of Hifz Quran

Here are virtues and benefits that result from Hifz Quran of Allah Almighty, may the determinations rise, and perhaps we realize what is missing from the good of those what we do not pay attention to it:

  1. Hifz Quran is an imitation of the Prophet – peace be upon him – so he used to memorize it and kept its recitation, and he presented it to Gabriel – peace be upon him – every year, and in the year in which he died, he presented it to him twice, and he peace be upon him – recited it to his companions – May Allah bless them – and hear it from them.
  2. In Hifz Quran, The Imitation of the predecessors, and in keeping with their earnestness, for they used to memorize and study the Quran before all other sciences; Imam Ibn Abd al-Barr said: “Seeking knowledge is degrees, transfers, and ranks that should not be transgressed, and whoever transgresses them altogether, he has transgressed the path of the predecessors – may Allah have mercy on them – so the first knowledge is to “Hifz Quran” memorize and understand the Book of Allah – the Mighty and Sublime.”
  3. Hifz Quran is one of the characteristics of this nation “Ummah”. Ibn al-Jazari says: “Reliance in the transmission of the Quran is on preserving hearts, and this is an honorable characteristic of Allah Almighty for this nation”.
  4. Memorizing the Quran is still a slogan for this nation, and a thorn in the throat of its enemies. One of the orientalists says: “Perhaps the Quran is the most read book in the world, and it is certainly the easiest to memorize “Hifz”.
  5. The memorizer of the Noble Quran “Hafiz Quran” deserves to be honored and revered. Abu Musa: (Indeed, honoring the gray-haired Muslim, and the bearer of the Quran who is not expensive and ignorant of him, and honoring the one with the just ruler) is honoring Abu Dawud.
  6. Hifz Quran is a project that does not fail, so when the one who wants to Hifz it begins, then his resolve ends, and his activity weakens and he has memorized some of its parts, is his project considered as failure Project?
  7. This effort was not in vain, but rather he did not memorize anything remembered, for the time he spent in reciting, memorizing and reviewing, time he spent in obedience to Allah – Blessed and Exalted- how many verses and surahs he recited, and we know that a letter from the Book of Allah brings ten good deeds.
  8. Hafiz Quran with the honorable travellers; The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be with the honourable and obedient scribes (angels) and he who recites the Qur’an and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have two rewards.”
  9. Hafiz Quran is the most reciting of the Quran most of the time, as he will not memorize it until he repeats it a lot, and his memorization is not proven except by continuous review, and we know that in reciting the letter from the Book of Allah gives ten good deeds.
  10. Hafiz Quran can recite in all his States, he reads walking and lying down, and he reads while working with his hand, or driving his car, and in travel. As for the one who Deos not memorize it, he cannot do that no matter how careful he Tries.

Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah says:
“As for the request to Hifz Quran, it takes precedence over many of what people call “knowledge”, and It is either invalid, or of little benefit, and it is also presented in the right of those who want to learn the science of religion from the basics, So These Days, to start with memorizing “Hifz Quran” is the Right thing To Start As It is the Important of the sciences of religion”.

Hifz Quran Online

Hifz Quran online has become very easy, as the world realized that there is another world in which all people gather, including the Hafiz of the Book of Allah, and this is a great opportunity for non-Arabs to memorize Quran online at the hands of Arab teachers who their original Language is The Arabic language and speak most of languages ​​such as English, French, Urdu and others, then it is easy to deal With them,

Hifz Quran
The Structure of Plans Of Hifz

The Importance of Hifz Quran

Obtaining guidance in this world and winning in the Hereafter: Hifz Quran, adhering to it, and implementing its legislation are among the causes of stability, and keeping away from turmoil in this worldly life.

  • Enlighten the minds: Memorizing the Noble Quran, sticking to it, and taking it as a leader and guide to guidance and truth strengthens Sureness, The Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – urged to act according to what was stated in it, and to follow what was mentioned in it.
  • Winning the crown of dignity,The importance of Hifz Quran is not limited to the worldly life only, but the servant obtains the grace of this great deed after his death and upon meeting his Lord – the Mighty and Sublime. It has been proven that the status of the Hafiz Quran in Paradise is at the last verse he recites, and he wears the crown of dignity, and the robe of dignity;
Muadh al-Juhani reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever recites the Quran and acts according to what is in it, his parents will be crowned on the Day of Resurrection with a light brighter than the light of the sun in your worldly houses, were it among you. What do you think of one who acts upon this?”
  • Other Benifits: Among the Benifits of Hifz Quran in the Hearts: Being close to Allah – the Most High – and obtaining His approval, winning Paradise, arming with his verses in the face of Satan, controlling the whims of the soul, in addition to straightening the tongue, achieving eloquence in the Arabic language, and memorizing the Holy Quran from distortion and loss, and facilitating the recitation of its verses in every place and time, such as reading the Quran while working and earning; Preoccupation with worldly matters does not hinder the Hafiz Quran from reading, unlike those who want to read directly from the Quran.

The Hafiz Quran attains a high status in the Hereafter

The Hafiz Quran when meeting Allah Almighty in the Hereafter is of high rank as he who reads from the Quran and ascends to the stations of Paradise.
In this, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, says, “It is said to the Hafiz Quran: Read, ascend, and recite as you used to recite in this world, for your position is at the last verse you recited, and recitation in the hadith means recitation by the Hearts “Hifz”
The memorizer of the Book of Allah is accompanied by the righteous angels, and this is a great honor.

Online Quran Tutors For Hifz Quran

Our Quran Tutors are distinguished by the fact that they are from Egypt, their mother tongue is Arabic, and they have Ijazah to teach the Noble Quran, and they have patience and are friendly with young and old, so students can memorize and learn no matter what their age is from 3 years to 80 years.

Hafiz Quran

Hifz Quran Ijazah

At the end of the Hifz Quran online course, We make a certificate “Ijazah” that allows The Student to teach the Quran to others because He Has became able to teach it to others because He Has Recited it more than once on a sheikh and learned All Tajweed Rules that control their reading with Perfect and correct pronunciation.