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Indeed, finding the time to do anything optional after the daily grind of one’s job or house chores that do not give instant temporary gratification or instant monetary benefits is not a very attractive prospect in these times of rat-race capitalism. Yet, despite our acquired preferences imprinted tirelessly on our minds by the media and other corporate moneymakers,

one can vouch that Reading Quran, while fully and truly comprehending the meaning of its words and Ayahs, can give one true and everlasting peace and contentment; much more than your favorite TV program, food, drink game, music, company, or celebrity. A qualified and experienced Quran tutor can help you achieve this goal Beginning Today!

Quranan Academy has a large number of Qualified and Experienced Quran Tutors, including Female Quran Tutors. All our tutors have completed various Islamic, Quranic, and Arabic courses at esteemed Islamic educational institutions.

Teaching is a specialized field and teaching children is an even more specialized field

 A good tutor, therefore, must have several qualities in order to be a successful teacher. Moreover, while teaching students, especially children, to read Quran, a tutor is not only teaching a new subject, they are also teaching a new language at the same time. The qualities and skill requirements of a Quran Tutor are multiplied severalfold.

A dedicated and skillful Quran Tutor has the extremely delicate duty of keeping the students interested in the subject while confidently being able to answer all questions put forth by students, as well as satisfying the curiosity of the students. Students bring their, own personalities to the class, and a good Quran tutor is confident and able to deal with each student according to their individual abilities and temperaments.


We were established 5 years back with an aim to preach Islam by providing Quran Teaching Services.

The Quran School comprises of dozens of Highly Qualified Quran Tutors including Arab Female Quran Tutors who are available 24 / 7 to teach you and your children Quran with proper Tajweed. We promise every effort that could help you or your children to get more closed to Islam including the teaching of Namaz, Islamic History, Hadith, etc.

Friendly Female Quran Tutors for Women & Kids

Islam encourages modesty and good conduct and discourages free mixing of the sexes especially beyond a certain age. Although most of our very young students, both little boys and little girls, study from male Quran tutors, yet we do also have Female Quran Tutors for women and girls who want to feel more at ease with a female tutor.


Quranan Academy

This Online Quran Academy now offers a free trial period for 3 days to facilitate you to test our Quality Services before you make an order for regular services. Our Qualified and Highly Experienced Staff is available 24 / 7 to teach you at the time of your choice. In this Free Trial, you will be given a complete demonstration of the programs we offer and Free Trial Classes. All you need is An internet and a computer or phone ready for voice conversation.